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?We use American high-performance ,anti-interference processor for the digital display system, can reduces the accessories , simplifies the hardware structure, and improves the stability of the system.

?Digital Frequency Synthesis Technology combined with digital pll tracking compound control technology, can eliminate the temperature, static load, machining area, tool wear problems, more easier to regulate the parameter.

?Compared with its exciting circuit structure, the output power of the automatic frequency-tracing circuit is 1.5 times more than former separately driven circuit

? Amplitude can be adjusted to increase or decrease instantly, but also can be adjusted, can greatly ensure the product high-quality welding, effectively reduce the shock and Scald damage.

? Over current protection, frequency shifting protection, over output protection. While equipment breakdown, the generator will immediately stop working, and display the problem.

?We have strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities with ultrasonic generators, energy transducers, horns.

? Intelligent closed-loop technology can adjust the amplitude of vibration, with no affect   of voltage and load fluctuations to maintain a constant amplitude output.

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