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Working Principle of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

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Ultrasonic cutting machine integrates ultrasonic technology into cutting different objects. It is totally different from traditional cutting method. Ultrasonic cutting is already being implemented in a wide variety of applications all over the world, such as rubber, pipe, fabric, food, plastic, jewelry and so on.


How does ultrasonic cutting work?

The cutting edge will vibrate at a frequency of 20KHz, it is a microscopic vibration but in a very high frequency. As a result, it will heat and melt the parts of the cut material, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. The edge of the instrument is always blunt in comparison to other cutting methods, and actually creates a fusion effect after cutting an object. 


What are the features of ultrasonic cutting machine?

It requires less pressure when cutting objects;

It requires no sharp knife edge while can easily cut a variety of materials.

Due to its ultrasonic vibration of the cutting edge, it will generate less friction resistance, and the cutting material will not be easy to stick to the cutting edge.


Basic components of an ultrasonic cutting machine

Generator: Basically, the ultrasonic generator converts electrical energy received from the power line into electrical energy with the proper frequency, voltage and amperage to power or “drive” the ultrasonic transducers.

Transducer: A transducer also called converter ,receives and converts the electric oscillation into mechanical oscillations of the same frequency, and thus cause the cutting tool to vibrate.

Booster: The booster is part of the ultrasonic oscillation unit, which consists of transducer, booster and horn. The booster is an ultrasonic amplitude transformer. It will pick up the oscillation generated by transducer, amply it, and pass it onto the horn.

Horn: The ultrasonic horn transfers the vibratory energy originating from the transducer to the cutting material. It is in directly contact with the cutting material.

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