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HDMS-CZJ300 Ultrasonic Cake Divider Inserts



Ultrasonic cutting machine with paper divider inserts uses high-frequency vibration to carry out cutting work. The equipment realizes friction-free and pressure-free cutting mode. Meishun Machinery can provide a complete set of cutting solutions for bakeries of any size, and can customize each machine according to customer needs. This machine is applicable to central factories, cake shops and chain bakeries.

Machine description:

HDMS-CZJ300 Ultrasonic food cutting machine is an automatic equipment using ultrasonic technology, which is used to process sticky, frozen, delicate and complex products.Such as frozen cake, cheese cake, sponge cake, cream cake, bread, butter and other products. The model is suitable for round product. It can choose to cut the product only or insert paper to separate the parts of the product while cutting.

Machine advantages:

All stainless steel machine frame and food-grade materials

Can choice cutting with or without paper divider

Touch screen design, easy to operate and maintain

The high-frequency vibration cutting not easy to stick the knife

Titanium alloy blade, easy to clean

Self-adjusting cutting mode and size

Smooth and beautiful cutting surface

Cutting display:


  • 19.png

  • 18.png

  • single round cake cutter with paper inserts.jpg

  • chocolate mousse with paper dividers.jpg



Machine Name

Ultrasonic food cutting machine

Machine Size

L1289* W800*H1689 mm

Machine Weight

260 kg


220V/50Hz ± 10%

Rated Power

1.2 KW

Knife Width

300 mm

Knife Height

262 mm

Blade Material


Product Size

Up to diameter 10’’

Product Type

Ambient; Frozen; Hard; Sticky

Product Shape 

Round; with or without paper divider

Cutting Speed

up to 40 cuts per minute

Operation Interface

Touch Screen


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